About Eko Bags

Eko Bags is a business line that’s been created by IdeaG corporation. Our company is passionate about reducing single use plastic and have created many attractive paper bags for retail clients. Eko Bags have years of experience manufacturing gift bags, food paper bags, and paper shopping bags.

Eko Bags is an Ecuadorian business that has recently expanded into the US market. Our equipment is top of the line and provides full service to our clients, from bag design to warehousing and on-time delivery to your location. We offer various sizes and colors of bags, which can be easily customized on our website.

Our Mission

Satisfy the needs of our customers with the offering of products printed with quality and ready to use.


Our vision

Be the leading enterprise in the manufacturing of reusable paper bags that exceeds global environmental protection requirements.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Jose D. Guerron
General Manager

Strategic management of our operations.

40+ years of experience.

Christian Guerron
Sales Manager

Responsible for operational planning and implementation.

8+ years of experience .

Jose Luis Guerron
Marketing Manager

Optimal financial and marketing management.

13+ years of experience.

Maritza L. Granda
HR Manager

Human resources and work quality improvements

20+ years of experience.

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It’s essential to move away from plastic bags and instead provide your customers with paper bags. If you own a business and are looking to become more eco-friendly and ultimately help reduce the amount of plastic going to landfill, switching from plastic bags to paper is the best option.

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