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We are passionate about the environment and operate a state-of-the-art warehouse where we manufacture biodegradable paper bags. We have a large selection of Kraft paper bags for food, gift and shopping; all manufactured from paper rather than plastic.

Moving Away from Single-Use Plastic Bags

There is a need for the world to move away from plastic and excessive packaging, and Eko bags is helping to fuel this revolution, one business at a time.


Why is it important to switch from plastic to paper bags?

Today plastic is being used in larger quantities than at any other time in history. It often seems like there’s plastic wherever you look, which is hazardous not only to the health of the planet but also to your own health. Single-use plastic is quickly discarded and ends up in landfills, often taking thousands of years to rot away.

Globally plastic production has nearly doubled every decade, and environmental experts are becoming increasingly worried about the situation. Plastic bags have faced widespread criticism worldwide, with many states in America banning single-use plastic bags. Choose Eko-Bags’s paper bags >


Eko bags manufactures a wide selection of paper bags in different colors and sizes. Whatever type of business you’re in, we’ll likely have a paper bag that will suit your needs. There are different types of paper bags available in the market, including kraft paper bags, food paper bags, shopping paper bags, gift paper bags.

Need Help Ordering Paper Bags?

Speak directly with our team! We will help you figure out the right dimensions and paper weight. Thank you for considering our eco-friendly paper bags.